Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: amusing video (creepiest vampire ever) and I dig the song! Catchy riffs! Not sure what stinkpunk is, but it smells good. If it wasn't for the video, I'd probably lobby for some vocals. Playing is tight, and the wrestling men are cheese-tastic. Nice song!
Hey thanks for the review! I really liked the main riff - insanely catchy, but some cool things going on with the rhythm. The bit at 1:10 was another favorite. Don't have anything bad to say really. Guitar could have used a little more gain but that's it! Good work!
I'm lovin' this! The music with the video just creates an atmosphere I can only liken to 70s/90s punk/alt glory days.

The breakdown toward the middle, around 1:30ish just offers a whole new layer to the song, from rockin out to sort of introspective. The riff ala 2:20 is my favorite, just heavy.

Great track!
Extremely catchy riff! I was headbanging after 2 or 3 seconds The synth is great too and adds a lot to the quirky awesomeness of the song. It sounds VERY professionally mixed too. I like that the guitar doesn't have a lot of distortion and don't think that vocals would work well but maybe you can surprise me. All in all, really good song!

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