Hello, recently I was at a Flea Market and found what I believe to be a GAX30 body. It came with a, possibly fake, Dean neck. Figure it would be a neat project guitar to give away so I got it for $5.
Anyways with the current neck I cannot get the intonation right without adjusting the bridge saddles as far from the neck as possible, even then it still is off. So I figure I will need a new neck and am wondering what I would need to look for.

Thanks for any advice,
Sorry if this a dumb question but is that the entire neck size or just the fretboard?
Also the neck it came with is ~26" would that explain why the intonation is off?
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I'm talking about the length of the scale. That is the distance between the nut on the neck and the bridge of the guitar. What you have insure is a 25.5 scale just as a total guess which would throw off the intonation. So you must find a neck that's meant for 24.75" scale. What you measured is the physical length of the entire neck from heel to headstock.