Hi all what's a good DVD for a beginner like me.i need something easy.
Also when I Patrice my cords should I Patrice strumming or just get the cords down frist.
What are easy chords to start with I was told Em was a good start.
I been watching some YouTube videos some are good
When I first started out, I used the guitar for dummies (no offense) DVD then when I wanted to learn songs (as in lead guitar with the solos and everything) I used Lick LibraryDVDs.

As for chords start with the basics such as A,B,C,D,E,F,G, Am, Em etc . First learn to play the chords cleanly. Then work on chord changes. Strumming should come naturally. It did for me.
Good luck.
learning positions/shapes is only "not the best way" if you approach it like a limitation. the ultimate goal of learning positions/shapes is still to be able to visualize all the notes in a scale on the entire fretboard.