I find myself rebuilding my ipod playlists and I need to craft a really great driving playlist. I am talking about like Van Halen - Humans Being, Metallica - I Disappear. Music that makes you want to drive fast, like you are in a movie. I am not one for the cruising type music, so while I can dig Beach Boys, not really what I am looking for but I just seem to be drawing blanks. Does anyone have some awesome songs they love to pump while they drive?


I would NEVER, EVER endanger lives of others on the road. I just like to be pumped when I drive. I feel more aware and responsive even. If I feel chill while driving, I want to go to sleep and that's MUCH worse, lol. So I don't plan to go all Fast and Furious on the roads but I would at least like the soundtrack to such a scenario (please don't post any Fast and Furious soundtrack music :-P lol)
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I don't care what you listen to as long as you don't hurt anyone else when you inevitably kill yourself.
Don't drive recklessly.
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Slow Ride - Foghat
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
Show Me How To Live - Audioslave

Oddly, those are the first three songs that came to my mind and they all start with "S".
Okay, I should have said music that makes you want to drive recklessly. I don't actually but every time I hear I Disappear I wish I were on San Fransisco streets.

Angus - Those three are actually on my list too, right on
This makes me want to go so fast that my car turns into a spaceship and blasts off into the cosmos.

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I agree that it's not okay. I admit that I explain it extremely horribly. First off, I drive a 4 cylinder Ranger, so it's not like I am going all Dom Toretto on the streets. Secondly and most importantly I like to feel energized when I drive. Like some people like to feel chill when they drive, I like music that gets the blood going, almost like if life were a movie, this would be the soundtrack. Since I would never endanger anyone's life on the road, this is the closest escape I have.

I totally appreciate the concerns, completely warranted because I didn't make myself clear.
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Don't drive recklessly.

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I usually roll down my windows and amp up some classical music station. It confuses the f**k out of people.
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Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
All the good Metallica songs