It took me a good hour on the bus to solve this riddle. I am ashamed.

Can you solve it? How long did it take you. No spoilers please.
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Well you didn't contribute anything. The "missing" dollar is in your hands.

EDIT: Hold on. If you spend 97, then give away two, that's 99. Not 98.

You've still got the extra dollar.
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i always thought this was just shitty math.
You should be ashamed.

$97 for a shirt...
You saw a shirt for $97.

You didn't have the cash, so you asked your parents for it and they told you to "fuck off."

Revised edition:

You saw a shirt for $97.

You didn't have the cash, so you said "fuck that" and walked away.

Or the director's cut:

You saw a shirt for $97.

You said "Fuck that" and walked away.