Just out of curiosity, are MIM and American Strats wired with a RWRP middle pickup? Or is it wired in a "normal" circuit, this being a non-hum cancelling positions 2 and 4? I ask because I'm thinking of buying a MIM strat and just curious about the pickup configuration. Is there a way to convert a normal middle pickup to a RWRP pickup?
While I can't say anything about those models.

The only way you could physically convert a normal wound middle into a reverse wound middle, would be to unwind the damn thing and wind it all up again the other way.
My 2002 MIM standard strat is hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4, but they've changed the spec numerous times since then. my more recent MIM classic series '50s strat is not hum cancelling in those positions.

i'm sure there are mexican made strat models with a RWRP middle pickup though. As a general rule of thumb, most vintage reissues won't have it, but most modern spec strats will, but of course, there probably are some exceptions.
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