I was under the impression that google arranged results based on how many pull ups the tallest associate of the website can do. Who's the tallest dude in your band and what are his pull ups like?
Listen. I'm sorry.
You really should give up on being in a band. If you're thread history is nothing but asking obvious/google-able questions, there's probz something wrong.
Have a unique band name. If your band is called like everything from dishwashers to cleaning companies then nobody will spot your band.
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Have a unique band name.

I was just about to suggest this. Use a name that has never been used for anything before.
My band is 7 out of the first 10 results in google.

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My band facebook page is 2ond in results behind 1 wikipedia article, "About 10,800,000 results", though we don't even have any music uploaded there.
Have a unique band name.

This. I'm sick of googling some not very popular bands with unoriginal names and finding something else.
Also, get some "Images" out there with your band name on it, including gifs, which are very popular searches. Images are one of the rare exceptions that if you have a more common name or popular search word in it, you tend to rise to the top more quickly, which might also increas your hits and visibility. Its not as hard to get to the first page of "Images," and they pop up on Google search list 1st page sometimes, as such.

Some of the users here, you can type in their user name for Images, and stuff they've done on UG (even their avatars) show up on the fist page, sometimes. It can only help to try that too.
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Look up "search engine optimisation".

This. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is your friend.
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As everyone else has said, it help to have a unique band name.
My band is the first hit on Google! Probably because it's a silly pun.

Seriously everyone just TRY searching 'Special Bruise'

*cough* shameless-self-plug *cough*

I think it's also a case of the more hits you get, the more popular your site will be, so it'll rate higher in Google's eyes!
My band is the first and third when I search it... And were aren't by any means 'popular'
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Yep, my bands the first result, get a more diverse name
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This. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is your friend.

Yup, SEO

search engine optimization

oddly enough, you could've found this out via google
Have a unique name; attract visitors to your websites; get your music reviewed by popular websites

I imagine if you search 'Disarm Goliath' the only stuff you find is about my band, for pages and pages, but it doesn't mean much really and being the main results on google for a band name won't make you famous, rich or popular - what matters more is if people are regularly coming back to see you, and telling their friends about you to get your name out there more.
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Look at it this way.

If your band name is "Good", and people search "Good band", you won't show up.
If your band name is "Holy Balls We Want To Be Number One Result On Google", and people search "Holy Balls We Want To Be Number One Result On Google band", you're up first.

Be original.
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