So I'm in the market for an analog delay pedal. My budget is $150. I want something that is able to do pretty long, spacey, warm repeats. I don't really need or want a tap tempo switch. Suggestions?
Malekko 616 is the first thing that springs to mind, pretty sure they can be had in your price range.
+1 to the Malekko 616, great pedal, my favourite i own!

Can get both the darker Carbon Copy sound in true-bypass mode and slighty brighter, clearer sound in the buffer setting (i find, different rigs have different effects!)
Plus plenty of control over the modulation (which can easily get a bit OTT)
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used maxon ad999.

Best alternative to the 616, if you can find one anyway.
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Malekko 616 is the first thing that springs to mind, pretty sure they can be had in your price range.

seems to be exactly what i'm looking for so far, time to check out some video demos!

what's the difference between the 616, the 616 mkii and the 616 dark?
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The mkii is just the current iteration of the pedal, i think the repeats are supposed to stay a lil cleaner. It just a few minor tweaks. I think mine is the mki, but i still love it!

The 'dark' is a limited edition version based on their discontinued 'ekko 600 dark' pedal. Basically rolls off a bit of high end on the repeats. I personally find the 616 can get sufficiently dark int he TB mode, and that loss of high end might make the repeats a bit TOO subtle.

There is also the Lofi version, which is exactly what it sounds like. Glitchy, more distorted reapeats with an almost ring mod sort of sound.
the lo-fi ringmods at longer delay times. probably not what you're looking for if you're after ethereal dreamy delays. the mkii is the mki with some minor issues fixed.

overall, the 616 is an excellent delay. the modulation is very touchy though. i rec'd the ad999 as it goes up to 900ish milliseconds. no modulation though.
I have the Homebrew Electronics Mimic, and I love it. 3 knobs for feedback, level and time. I haven't tried many other analog delays, but this one is a bit finicky about self-oscillation. You really have to watch it if you don't want it to oscillate. The first few delays are quite nice, and then they start to oscillate a bit. Its a very nice pedal, the trick is just to find one.
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+1 on the 616. It's what I use and I love it.

I do really wanna try the Lofi one, and maybe even the Dark version. Both seem really cool.