I have a recurring problem with my Ibanez AEL20E the high E and B strings keep just snapping, i cant tune it to standard without them just breaking, when i turn the nobs i feel alot of tension however when the strings are off they turn smoothly, im not sure if they are getting caught on burs or things in the nut and the little bridge piece or it could have something to do with the fact i fixed the bridge when it was lifted (that it was just really warped but id assume thats the same thing) but its in a normal position so i don't know? i was using either extra lights or lights (i dont remember -_-)

any ideas whats up or any suggestions? thanks ahead.

oh also the lower strings (EAD) keep popping out of the bridge.
Where are the strings snapping? Because if they consistently snap at either the nut or bridge then it's probably one of those two things causing the problem.
at the nut, i actualy may have solved it i finally found a way to clear it out and i have some backup strings in there there seems to be no more tension for now atleast.