Here's some of my stuff, it's variable in genre and will keep getting like that.
If you would kindly listen and comment, I would be very grateful (and C4C).

Here it is
I think I would have liked it more if the tempo was a bit faster, but that's just a personal preference. It sounds the most interesting at around 2:50, that was my favorite part. The vocal parts add to it, but it might have helped to have more different phrases at times. Ending is rather abrupt. Please review my electronic music at this link:

Just listened to 'hello'. Interesting drums. Overall composition is interesting too - quite variable. Not too sure about application, possibly sound tracks/incidental music - I could not listen to it on its own repeatedly.
Having listened to a few others, cant help thinking that the drum source/sound is letting things down a bit (too electronically sounding, like a poorish drum machine).
Enjoyed 'saved by the rising sun' - nice composition there - my fav out of all the items on your sound cloud page.
"I Used to Know You": the intro reminds me of the Exorcist theme song (not a bad thing). This is being picky, but some of the tracks sound pretty dry (lack of reverb), and other parts have a lot more reverb, so that makes it sound somewhat unnatural to me. Otherwise, this sounds quite nice to me. Nice melodies. Please review my music at this link:

Listening to : I used to know you: Intro is cool, good atmosphere. At 0:26 it kind of jars. Sounds like you are switching to a different theme to build up, while you were already building up so that would be unecesarry but then after that you also break-up the build-up and start building up again at 0:30. So it's like buuildup,builduNOWAIT,buildup if you catch my drift. Could flow a bit better. At 0:58 I'm getting a bit of a The Ocean - Pelagial vibe orchestration vibe. Kind of matches the atmosphere that that album has on the slower passages. The theme at 1:50 gets a bit tiring, the violin lead. You vary a bit after that but it's kind of like your staying too close. Could have worked if the background had a bit more buildup into something epic and large. Sometimes it seem slike you are trying to do just that but then it kind of breaks the flow. The part at 2:40 is cool, except that I'm kind of tired off the theme. Outro is a bit abrupt.

Overall the song sets a good atmosphere and the orchestration is pretty cool but the flow of the song could be a lot better.
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