So I'm still a while away from even making my debut gig but I like to plan ahead I have a hard time finding reviews for places so I figure that UG Bandleaders might be a good place to go for questions. If you have any venues that you know of post em here and review them for future artists.
http://www.musicvenuelist.com/ <--very helpful in finding places, not many reviews though.
Anyway, post your reviews and try hitting the points below if it helps you stay on point.

  • Simplicity/Complexity of Booking
    >How did you get the gig?
  • Crowd Energy/Demographics
    >Is the town crazier than Angus Young or do they think they're at a piano recital?
    >What genre does the area demand most?
  • Helpfulness/Hostility of staff
    >How did they advertise your show?
    >Was the sound booth competent?
    >General demeanor towards you.
    >Lasting impressions?
  • How was the $ split?
    >50/50, majority band, or majority venue?
    >Did the venue charge for any expenses?
  • Band gifts
    >Free drinks or something like that.
  • Specs
    >Amphitheater, theater, bar, or club?
    >How many did it seat?
    >Were there chairs or just a large plot for the crowd?
    >General stage size?
    >Was anything missing?
    >What was security like?
    >Air Conditioning?
  • As a crowd member, what did you like/dislike about the venue?
    >Basically, could you see, hear, and fully enjoy the experience of the artist on stage?
  • Given the chance, would you perform there again?
    >Why or why not?

SN: Pictures will help but don't post any pics of your show specifically unless absolutely necessary, I wanna avoid this becoming a copy of The only Gig pics thread or Gather 'round kiddies, it's STORYTIME! .
The purpose here is to tell where you've been and a quick review of how the venue was and if you'd play there again. Help and warn the future artists!!!
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