sup i got a flextone for 180 a couple days ago. sounds pretty good but im trying to tweek it to make it better. i had a vetta 2 before as well so im aware of the midi and things like that. but i dont have the money for it right now. so im looking for some tone improvements without the midi. any suggestions?
Btw if some loser posts on here telling me to sell it and get a tube amp cuz line 6 sucks please dont bother.
I posted in your other thread, get the FBV shortboard if you can.

On the line 6 website they have a settings forum to help you get certain sounds.

or get a tube amp
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You had a Vetta, you would know better than most of us. The Flextone 3 and Vetta/II are both based on the same modeling era (X3), and, IIRC, have the same amp models in them. The Flextone is obviously just much much more limited and streamlined.
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