Nothing too complex. I have the notes tabbed out on notepad. How can I get a whole range of strings though on a single track? Would a single track be the best way for going about this?
Well, it depends what you're gonna use it for.
Is it orchestra music only, i.e not in a rock song? Do you intend to create sheet music, midi files to use in a DAW or just use it as sound effects in a tab?

Depending on which instruments and if you're using percussion, you'll almost certainly have to use multiple tracks either way. However - you could use the 8 string guitar template which will allow 8 simultaneous notes on each track if needed - or to shorten down on tracks. But it won't sound great.

You'd usually want at least 1 brass track, 1 strings + a separate double bass track, 1 woodwind (probably more), then extras if there are solos and what not.

I really have no idea what you're working on but advise to experiment.
It's an electronic song. The strings are definitely not the centerpiece of the song. Just makes the song sound fuller. They were definitely made on midi, because this artist can't afford booking an orchestra. Here's a link to the song, that way you can make out the strings yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZP_kxcTgKk