I'm a fan of smaller bodied acoustics. I think they've come a long ways from the parlor guitars I'd find in my grandfather's closet.

On a side note, I've been looking for a mini jumbo shaped body, but was unable to come across any in my home area. Anyone know of builders who produce them?
not a fan of the smaller bodies, i do however lust after a 12 fretter.
with enough money, many a luthier will build you anything.
the rest of us commoners do with things like Taylor GS mini's
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I have a Big Baby, I like it but the thing is really neck heavy, so when standing with the strap buttons it won't sit anywhere right
i love some small body guitars, but definitely not all. among my favorites are the santa cruz firefly, the santa cruz 0 sized 1929, the huss & dalton 00, and i also like the collings baby. i've played a bunch of pre-1930s martin parlors and liked most of 'em - one was a 1926 all mahogany guitar that kicked butt - it was loud and sounded great.

in the slightly smaller than a dread category are several taylor grand concert models - the GC6, GC8 and any sitka over koa model. i'm also a big fan of the recording king ROS 626 and some of the eastman GCs i played were wonderful. but my favorite is the carmel OM i played at guitar center with walnut b&s - one of the best sounding guitars i've played.

i quite like the blueridge BR-341, the bedell 0 sized all sapele (can't remember the name, but it sings) and the eastman E-10P in the thousand dollar and under range. in the budget range i like the sound of the recording king RP-06 and the taylor GS mini (sort of a mini jumbo), although i wish that the GS mini and bedell had a wider nut.
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I bought a GS Mini because of my wonky old shoulder. (just got another cortisone shot...) Went from a dread to the GS Mini.
My shoulder is happy, and I'm happy too....The little guy sounds really good and handles whatever I throw at it. I flatpick, play fingerstyle...All good.

If I had a bunch more money to spend, I'd consider one of the Taylor "nicer" small-bodies or a Martin OOO or OM... But I'd have to sell a whole bunch of refurbished bicycles.