Hey, I have a LTD AX-104 Bass on CL for sale or trade. It has a few nicks but for the most part is in good condition and sales new for $300. I've been interested in a Strat because I play a lot of Pink Floyd and would REALLY like a David Gilmour Strat one day and thought about modifying one. Well someone asked to trade my bass for this,

http://batonrouge.craigslist. org/msg/3963529190.html
(It won't let me put the link in full so just copy all of it and take the space out.)

I am interested but want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. Can anyone tell me exactly what kind of Strat it is? He said it is a Fender Standard Strat Made in Mexico.

P.S. I already own a LTD ESP EC-256 which I love, I don't plan on replacing it with the strat but do you think it will be better?

Thanks everyone, I don't know much about Strats.
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Yes, that's a great trade.

It's a Fender MIM strat. Essentially, their entry level strat. It's certainly worth more than the bass. The HSS setup will make it an easier transition for you into strats from your LTD as well, as the bridge pickup will be able to get (somewhat) similar sounds as your LTD but you can still have the benefit of the strat neck pickup and middle pickup.
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Thanks for the reply al, you wouldn't consider the bass to be better than beginner though? And what do you think is better, the strat or LTD? Thanks.
I didn't say that the guitar was a beginner's guitar necessarily, just that it's Fender's entry level strat. Fender makes a beginner's line of guitars that are made out in Asia somewhere.

Regardless, I'd consider just about any guitar under $400 a beginner level instrument, most of those are really aimed at guys who have only been playing maybe a year or two who want to upgrade from their starter packs. The Fender is something of an intermediate level instrument, but ultimately I'd still try before you make the trade final. If it were up to me, yes, I'd rather have a strat than the LTD, but that's really more my personal preference. I love strats. I played les pauls for about 10 years and finally made the switch.
Thanks for the help, I'm pretty certain we'll meet up tomorrow. And if I decide I really like it, would it be okay to customize it to make it a 'Black Strat' or would it not be worth it? Haha, I would have to have it painted black and replace the neck for a maple neck. Do you know anything about refinishing guitars? If you don't know what a Black Strat is I'm referring to David Gilmour's.


This is my dream guitar!
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I know enough about refinishing to tell you that Fender MIM strats are notoriously difficult to strip. The poly finish on those are basically bullet proof and the only dependable way to do it is to be really careful with a heat gun and pray that you don't scorch the guitar. Replacing the neck is doable, however, I have had some issues with replacing necks with Fender standard strat necks. Regardless, it may not aesthetically look like the black strat, but making it sound more like the black strat is very simple, and will certainly get you closer than the LTD will.

There is a lot you can do with a strat, which is one reason why I like them, I tend to be picky about what goes on my guitars, so I also like to partscast for fun because I like to tinker, and I don't have enough time anymore to put the kind of effort required into building things.
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I probably won't do that then haha, I'll just have to get my black strat some other day! I will look into modifying for sound later on though. Again, I appreciate the help.