I have this problem with my Ibanez AEL20e, whenever i plug it into an amp of any sort all i get is buzzing, no sound just buzzes tunner doesnt even work. i might already have an idea about what the problem is, coulda been that ground like cord in the bridge under i think its called the "saddle" my dad ripped the hell out of when we were fixing it (because i got it in terrible condition..was freetho) but anyway if this is the problem is there a way to fix it without tearing the whole thing apart again? oh and yes i have tried different batteries.

Edit: turns out it stops humming when i put my fingers on the jack.
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if your dad ripped the hell out of it, it's a good guess he broke something. even if it weren't properly grounded, you should hear something besides buzz. have you made sure the problem isn't the plug or the chord?
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If you hear just buzz, it means there's an open input.

The most likely causes are a broken wire at the jack, or at the transducer, (Yeah, the strip thingy under the saddle thingy).

That's a pretty delicate affair, and chances are that daddy broke your toy.

(Just in case you needed a second opinion).
i guess i could see if there is something esle ripped in there, the transducer as you call it isnt as ripped up as i make it sound we can fix that whenever i decided i need new strings it doesnt matter anyways i dont need it to be able to work through an amp to play it therefore its not that big a deal, i was just wondering if there was an easier fix for it.
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i was just wondering if there was an easier fix for it.
Easier than what, checking the jack and the transducer to see it there's a broken wire?

Because, a magic wand would be the next step easier. But then, they're so hard to find outside of Harry Potter movies.