Just a quick question I left my Marshall amp head over at my friends house for over a few years as we used to jam together.

It was in a room where he usually has people hanging out in- Anyway after not playing for ages with him I decided to take it back to my house last time I went over there but there are sticky beer bottle outlines all over it and now the volume changes randomly. It's not my cab as i've tried 2 other spare ones I have.

How should I fix it? I don't know much about amp heads so not sure if I should take it apart although if this has happened to someone before and they know how to fix it I'd appreciate it as I don't really want to have to pay to get it fixed.
You could try replacing the tubes.

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If the volume changes like the gain or master control is being moved, then it might just be that those controls haven't been used in a while and need cleaning/lubrication.

IF you understand that, then get some "safe for plastics" potentiometer cleaner/lubricant from an electronics supply company (Radio Shack, online like Guitar Parts).

Someone may have spilled beer into the head, and if so there is probably some residue. Look on the control panel and in the back where the tubes are. If there is residue, don't power it on until someone cleans the head.
Make sure the little nut on the outside of the input jack is tight as well. I thought my amp was broken once (was having the same problem) and then I noticed: "Hey. This nut is loose!" and then BOOM. Back in business.
Thanks for the suggestions- it's not a tube amp though. I'll try removing and cleaning the master vol and gain knobs & also making sure nothing's loose.

I also get problems with the fan making a lot of noise for about 5 mins when I turn it on so it could just be a big build up of dust as I hadn't played it for almost a year.
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