Hey guys. I am 21 year old guy who has never played but has always wanted to learn the guitar. I went to the store yesterday and told them i wanted a good beginner guitar for under $300. He said to choose between the Fender CD60 and the Epiphone AJ220. I am clueless in guitars so i was wondering which one you guys would recommend. They are both $200 and they both feel good in my hands. I think i would be more into playing "Softer" music because im not a big fan of rock and I like Jack Johnson and stuff like that. So any help is great! And whats the best way to learn? Youtube? Like whats the first step, shoul di just learn the chords first? Thanks!
I would go with the epiphone. Although I do not know much about this particular model, I have never played a just plain bad epiphone. Either way, as you learn you will find your own style/taste in guitars.

As a self taught guitarist, I used a combination of youtube, and reading articles. Scroll to the top of the page. UG has an excellent lesson databass. Anything guitar related from beginner to advanced. Also check out the guitar techniques forum. Get a good chord book/app.

First step is to get familiar with your guitar. Pluck around, figure out mary had a little lamb.

I feel bad for your fingers, it will be painful after the first hour or two!

Good luck!
See if you can find an Epiphone Masterbilt on the used market. They're a very good value for the price and have a really good preamp if you need to plug into a P.A. system or amp.

I think as previously stated here, you first need to make a decision regarding the type of guitar (nylon strings, steel strings, electric, acoustic). Now, either way, you can ask this question 100 guitarists and all of them will give you a different answer. A lot of that has nothing to do with right or wrong, it's more a matter of personal preference. And to be clear, what I'm about to tell you here falls into this very same category: it's based on personal experience and what I see out there as a guitar teacher. Here is what I keep telling my students:

1. Don't spend money, borrow a guitar from a friend or family member. Of course, make sure that it's actually an instrument and not a toy.

2. If you're determined to buy your own instrument, I personally would recommend the Yamaha C-40. It's a Nylon string acoustic guitar, just over $100 and it comes with a few useful (and not so useful) accessories. I own this guitar and I've been playing for a while. It's decent instrument and ideal for beginners.

As far as learning guitar goes, there are of course all different kinds of options. I can't post any links here, but you can send me a private message if you want to. Either way, it doesn't have to cost much and with the blessings of today's technologies, it's more convenient than ever.

Hope that helps.
Xaviere guitars, from guitarfetish.com, are very nice for the money.

They make acoustics and electrics so if you are willing to spend even $200-250 I'd have a look at theirs.
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