Hey guys. I am 21 year old guy who has never played but has always wanted to learn the guitar. I went to the store yesterday and told them i wanted a good beginner guitar for under $300. He said to choose between the Fender CD60 and the Epiphone AJ220. I am clueless in guitars so i was wondering which one you guys would recommend. They are both $200 and they both feel good in my hands. I think i would be more into playing "Softer" music because im not a big fan of rock and I like Jack Johnson and stuff like that. So any help is great! And whats the best way to learn? Youtube? Like whats the first step, shoul di just learn the chords first? Thanks!
which AJ220 are you looking at? there seem to be several models, but if it has a solid top, it might be better than the CD60. that being said, i'd get the yamaha FG700, as i prefer the tone and qc to either of the two you listed.

there is no best way to learn - it depends on what style you want to play and your own personality. if you want to learn fingerstyle, it could be worth learning chords first, but might get you further if you start learning chords while doing some very simple fingerpicking. still, some people - myself included - learn faster when learning one thing at a time.
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+1 for the Yamaha fg700. The Fender is a good looking guitar, but I preferred the sound and playability of the FG700. I have not tried the epi.

Have fun looking
i'm with the first 2, the tone and playability of the Yamaha far out-class the better looking ones.
if you wanna look good holding one, go with either of the first 2 choices.
but, if you wanna sound good actually playing one, go with the Yamaha.
whichever way you decide to start your journey, chords are going to be a major part, so you might as well start there. once muscle memory( same as sports or body-building) kicks in, forming and changing chords becomes much easier relatively quickly...the trick is to not over think it.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
This is too good a deal to pass up!

Musicians Friend has this (Yamaha FGX 700),on sale for $250.00. (It's usually $300.00). For any number of good and salient reasons, the acoustic electric is a far better idea to start with. The potential for a better resale value being one of them. (Should you decide to quit. But we know that's not going to happen, don't we)?

If you stick with it, and buy the pure acoustic version, a year from now, this is the typical result, "Boohoo, I want to electrify my guitar, what kind of pickup can I get for it).

So, a deuce and a half, free shipping, and in all likelihood, no sales tax. M'sF will ship the same day if you call by noon, and they're in the center of the country, so figure 2 days tops for its arrival by UPS ground, certainly no more than 3, and with a slim possibly of overnight. (Within about a 300 mile radius of Lenexa Kansas).
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