Hello, dear community!

Signal Hill - Floruit. Here is a link to the song. I would like to ask you to help me out writtin' this wonderful post rock song down to tab. This song is pretty special for me, and I really want to learn it. As you can notice a pretty big delay and echo is used on the song, so don't get confused with sounding. It doesn't look that complex as can thought it's from hearing. That's why I am asking you, cos I bet such pro's as you can write it down in a short time. Just a piece of cake.. For me, well, ain't that easy

Yeah, well, you can just tell me now that there is already available tab for this song on this website , but trust me - it's just a tiny piece of the song and I actually suspect that it's written down incorrectly as long I've already tried to play that tab. Sounds ok, if you don't wanna play precisely. But it's not me. I want an actual sounding. I am beginner at guitar playin', so unfortunately I just can't play along the song by ear. I don't have such experience and competence yet So, I kindly ask you, PLEASE GUYS - help me Your support would mean the world to me.

EDIT: Signal Hill - Floruit (an actual live performance of the band). I put this link to make your mission more easier. I would try to figure out by my own, but the video quality ant that good for me to find out the chords. For more advanced players it might be enough. I don't know, guys. All in all, I just provide you more information of the song.

Thank You.

Skirmantas Stankevičius
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