OK, I'm not sure if this is the place to discuss or talk about the key of a particular song, but here goes.

If anyone's heard the song, you can tell by ear that it's in the key of F# minor (or at least I think so). But according to Wikipedia's page about the song (which has Alfred Publishing as its source), Justify My Love is in the key of B major. My question is both how and why this is.

There doesn't seem anything (upon hearing the song, and even, say, writing it into a score, note for note) to suggest that the track is in the key of B major. It makes more 'sense' in the key that we hear it in (F# major). If someone can show me how or why it's in Bmaj, then I'd further ask why it was necessary to keep it in that key. Most of the individual notes don't even fall on the Bmaj scale.

And finally, the same source (Alfred Publishing, and the musicnotes website, can't link it) states that Madonna's vocals range from A4-D5, which can't be right. Even just for the "sung" chorus notes, that range is an octave too high. Alfred Publishing doesn't sound like a dubious source, so why this mistake?
Yes, this is the right place. But yeah, you are right, it definitely sounds more like F# minor than B major. Though the song really had only two chords, F# minor and B major. But IMO it F# was the key center, I can't hear it resolving to anywhere else.
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