Here's the song The Pyramids - Empire state of mind (Alicia Keys cover)

M-audio fast track pro interface (two canals)
Random mixing desk
Set of drums mics (not enough cable though to use them all)
CAD diaphragm mic
Beyerdynamic dynamic mic
Couple of nice headphones for monitoring
Yamaha active monitors
Nuendo 4
(Have all this stuff because of good friend, I am not nearly a pro, just amateur trying with support of friends)

How did I record?
First, of course, the drums, than bass, guitar and vocal. The room where we recorded is a basement, actually pretty nice isolated. I think the height of the room is practically the only true problem (especially when it comes to drums).

Drums: two headphones, snare, kick, hihat (ran out of cable, so toms are captured by headphones)->Mixing desk (obviously couldn't use interface directly)->interface LR (Stereo picture was made on the mixing desk in advanced)
Bass: interface (directly, mono)(and I'm not very satisfied with how it came up in the end)
Guitar: interface (directly) (I recorded guitar for left and right pan separately, so it's LR)
Vocal: CAD (bidirectional), beyerdynamic->interface (MS configuration) (very satisfied here)

Here I used Adam speakers, Nuendo's effects and T.C. Electronic's mastering tools.
(mix was done in friend's studio)
I won't go through all the details here, but my biggest question was the balance of the kick and low frequences through song. (opinion about this would be nice)

So, now I ask you to comment the song, recording (experiences, techniques, advices) and mix of the song (balance of the mix, effects).

Thank you all in advance,