Hi guys, I've been a member of UG for years but rarely post! I felt the time was right to share some music

This is my band MiXE1 - we are an electronic rock band from the UK and just released our 3rd EP 'Lights Out' a week ago! We would really appreciate it if you took the time to check out some of the material!

You can check out the new EP and the trailer video which contains clips of all the tracks HERE. There are two other EP's out however this release is the first as a full band with a live drums and guitars

We've had some great feedback regarding the new material, here's some quotes the reviews so far which hopefully will entice you check some!

"Released July 27th the EP sets MiXE1 as one of the forces which will guide UK electro pop to its greatest heights, hell, probably the world’s.. 9/10" - Ringmaster Review

"A really superb E.P that much is evident by the choppy synth and deep beats that grab you as soon as you press play but nothing of a surprise to me really as MiXE1 has everything wrapped up, with their alluring persuasive sounds that in turn send you on an escapade of synthesised caresses, powerful and compelling vocals and dark rhythms that really hits the aural cortex like a brick to the head 9/10." - Grave Concerns

"The EP is excellently produced with a clean and balanced sound . The guitars and live drums feel a lot more prominent in the mix, which gives the songs more energy for the vocals to bounce off. Speaking of which, this has to be one of Evans' strongest performances as a vocalist." - Intravenous Mag

"“Lights Out” is full of high energy songs to get you going. I had never heard MiXE1 before, and I think that their upbeat, electronic rock sound is very original and refreshing, in a time when most of what you hear on the radio is the sound of an overblown rapper and a washed-out diva, mashed up together." - Jamsphere

Thanks for checking us out, hope you enjoy!