I'm new here and just wanted to see the kind of forum this is. I've been building guitars for about 2 years now and we (my company) is trying to break out with something new. What do you think? They are both called The Derby Falcon. Both are hollow body Steel and are actually really light (9lbs). They all come with a video of that specific guitar getting made (sort of bragging rights) and a small clip tuner. As well as a quality guarantee. Creme has Vintage remake humbuckers, Black and Red have Lace Deathbuckers. We are looking to start putting our own pickups in soon. I was a guitar player for years until Carpal-tunnel stopped that. I had a friend challenge me to make custom steel LP for him (not in the pictures) after my older brother passed away. Motivated to do something with the rest of my life, I started making guitars in the garage.
Hey there, welcome to the forums.
You wanted to know what kind of forum this is, and I should warn you that we're pretty averse to users coming here to advertise their own products/services. This thread will likely be closed for that reason (also introductions should really go in the 'introduce yourself' thread).
You will need to be careful not to talk about your business in a way that could be construed as advertising, particularly as a new member.
But I don't want to put you off becoming an active member on this forum - I'm sure the Electric Guitar and Guitar Building forums will be glad to have another regular who knows his stuff.
That's a nice looking guitar, by the way.
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