hi everyone

ive been reading about how to brighten my tone when singing when i was searching earlier i came across this page where it said in order to sing brighter you need cord closure and also you need to blend both mouth and head resonaters. i already sing with cord closure which means the reason my voice isnt bright it because im only using my mouth resonater and not my head.

im hoping you lot can help me and explain or give me tips or exercises that show me how i can blend my head and mouth resonaters when singing
A dark tone will be coming from 2 things. Either 1. you have a head voice but still are using your natural chestier intonation. Or 2. you don't have a head voice, so you don't know how to lighten your voice sufficiently.

All I can say is, keep trying to sing around your hard palate and let all the body of your voice come from the hard palate.

When a singer actually add power to singing, they always start in a head voice, then slowly let their voice swell into a large sound without letting their head voice widen and flip into falsetto.

So it's because of that process, that you really need a good head voice that doesn't rely on your natural throat mechanisms. Everything comes around the hard palate.