I'm a noob guitar builder working on a cheap strat copy. Well I finally was happy enough with it to upgrade the electronics and bought a pre-wired pick guard from Dimarzio (True Velvet). Now I have a huge buzz with the volume around 6-8, it drops off at 10 but is still there. It's worse when touching the strings/bridge/anything, except the input jack which quiets it down some. The weirdness with the volume makes me think I got a bad volume pot? I don't know, any ideas?

I have one wire from the input to the positive terminal and the other to the ground, I also have a ground to the tremolo claw; all as the directions say.

And no, the cheap pick-ups that were on it had no issues other than normal 60 cycle hum..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Check that the wiring to the output jack hasn't been connected wrong. I almost made the same mistake a couple of weeks ago (silly mistake but it can happen).

The problem is your body is basically an antenna and happens to be grounded as well, so if your ground and signal are swapped at the output jack, the following can happen:

The noise your body picks up can easily be transferred via the normally grounded parts (bridge, pot housings, control shielding, etc) to the signal connection.

When you touch the output jack (normally, the 'shield' connection), you are effectively grounding the output of your control circuit (via your body being grounded), which lessens the noise.

If that checks out, then I'd say look more closely at the volume pot. May be a broken wire or bad solder joint?