I've recently fell in love with the roland cube series, but I'm having trouble figuring out the differences and which is the best bang for the buck...besides the wattage and speaker sizes. Are there ANY differences? I don't gig or anything, so that's not a problem, though I would KINDA like to play with a drummer, though I assume the 1x12 speaker wouldn't cut it anyway...

If that's not an option, I'd like to consider multi-effects processors I could just connect to my PC. Which would be the best option for that? My PC barely outperforms a toaster, though I'm not sure if that would be an issue. My limit is $250 and I'm only going with used stuff on ebay, there's a bit of a risk, but it's cheaper. I'd like to save as much as possible, so I'm considering a micro cube, though that seems a bit TOO quiet.

Also, trading a Schecter Blackjack ATX + Schecter case for an Epi Goth Explorer, crappy little line 6 amp and $250 cash, sounds like a good deal to me.