Well hi there. im not sure if its the correct place to post this thread but im new here.
So i own a schecter guitar with a floyd rose. i bought it 2 months ago. It was tuned in standard E, and i wanted tochange the tuning because i have a gibson les paul with this tuning too. so i did tune the schecter one in D standard about one month ago, but now i want to tune it in drop C. i have heard a lot of things about floyd rose guitars, and i wanna know if its possible to change the tuning again. it will be surely the last time.
Yes you can change the tuning, you just have to make sure you get a more appropriate string gauge and adjust the spring tension in the back of the guitar when you do it. As long as you re set up your guitar every time you change tuning you'll be fine. That is a pain though which is why you keep it in one tuning once you've got it there. You can't swap tunings on the fly like you would your Les Paul.
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