Hi guys, I know you tired of this kind of question so sorry if I'm asking again.

I'm new to the whole floating bridge setting, I just buy my first floating bridge guitar Ibanez RG2XXV with edge zero 2 trem. I can tune it pretty well but the thing is when I use my tremolo I realize the tune is a bit off, after I pull the tremolo the strings go sharp, and after I push it the strings go flat. So my question is, why it didn't go back to zero position?

Is it normal for the floating bridge to be like that or is there any mistake? Please I need your suggestion
No. it is supposed to back to its original position. Your setup is not proper.
Still wrong. Take it in for a setup or find a guide on how to set it up properly yourself. There may be instructions in your guitar's manual.
the think is I just got that guitar back after full setup, before it's worst than that
Is there padding on the where the ZPS contacts the body and bridge like the original Edge Zero? Mine had problems with that too until I removed some of it.