Hey guys, i've recently bought a brand new laney prism 65w. The thing is that i want to know how the footwitchs work, because i've never used one before. I've noticed the amp has 4 slots to be filled with personalized effects. If i were to have the fs2 footswitch which has 2 buttons, 1 scroll, and 1 select (which i don't know what they do), supposing i have on the slots the following effects: 1st-clean; 2nd-distortion; 3rd-chorus; 4th-flanger; can i move from 1 to 2, and then from 2 to 1.. or do i have to go through 1,2,3, and 4, and then 1?? Another thing that i wanted to know is if i need to have a laney footswitch or i can use any other footswitch, and if testing other footswitch would damage my amp.
Thank u very much!!