Hi all, I've got a TC Electronic RH450 en route to my house and I'm in the process of hunting down some cabs for it. I've been leaning towards getting a set of RS212 cabs, but finding that the RS210 pops up much more often on the used market.

I know the general consensus is to try to match cabs, but I was wondering how you guys feel about an RS210/RS212 setup vs. an RS212/RS212 setup for playing fusion and death/black/doom metal. I play fretless 99% of the time and really like Joe Lester's sound.

Feel free to recommend other (preferably vertical stacking) cabinets that you think would work well for me. Thanks in advance.
It should be a simple choice then. Try both of them and choose the one you prefer. It's all down to the sound and that is really down to personal preference. All the internet advice in the world isn't worth ten minutes trying them out.