what is your favourote drum samples pack? I am looking for modern metal stuff, things that fits with double bass and that stuff.
music radar makes some metal drum packs,there's some people at andy sneap's forum who made some packs.
I'm willing to download only one,I've heard about sennheiser drum samples but they're too ****ing big, 9g,what is your favourite drum samples metal pack?
Good drum samples are going to be big, kind of a fact of life. I highly suggest waiting until your downloads are about to reset for the month and downloading the sennheiser ones before that.
Otherwise, try Erkans Organised Samples from the Sneap forums. It's a compilation of a whole bunch of others posted on there and is ~1GB. I was never happy with any of the snares in it though, and the downfall of these is that if you want a room track you need to simulate it with a nice reverb (I recommend the Signal to Noize ones).
Download the sennheiser ones.

They're reeeeally good, don't require the full kontakt version, and are free.

Then again, Superior Drummer doesn't sound really bad, but it's 260 bucks, and it's heavier.
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