Hiya , Im not one hundred percent sure if this is the right place to ask this but I'm gonna go ahead and presume if its not it'll be moved anyway. So my question is two-fold ,

Firstly , I'm delving deeper into composing music and I wondered if anyone could recommend a good computer program to enter the music into and play it , like entering the notes in the staves. It'd have to have a fair amount of instruments , strings , brass , wood wind , drums , gongs , harps , the more the better! And also a good audio quality when the piece is played, no one wants to spend hours on a piece only to hear the notes as beeps on the computer. If it could play the music so that someone could listen to it and enjoy it that would be great.

Secondly and this is perhaps a cheeky one by does anyone know of a forum I can ask questions more specific to conposing ( classical ) music , such as specific techniques , and terms etc etc

Thanks, Simon
You can ask all your questions here... you might even be so bold as to search the archives for old threads containing anything about composition or any topic you feel like researching. All your questions will be answered by the learned folk.

A music program could be one that just deals with notation.... one that also allows vst's to be used. I think Finale has one of these... best to ask the Sibelius users what is included. Google is also your friend in this regard.

Otherwise purchase a program like Reason - many add-on's to choose from. Or you could purchase a DAW like Cubase/Sonar/Pro Tools/Other stuff - then purchase additional programs like Vienna Symphonic Library (pricey)/EastWest (also a large range - cheaper than VSL)... many more cheaper alternatives including Miroslav o.O

Google helps. Good luck
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Guitar Pro 5 should be able to handle that first point fairly well.

This. It sounds like shit, but you can scribe the music perfectly well, so I've found. Any musical directions can be added in the same way you'd add lyrics (press T), but it's got basically everything else you need. I'm currently trying to write for a string quartet. I have a new found respect for classical composers, the harmonies are way harder to assemble than it sounded just listening to it!
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The best general purpose notation software right now is Sibelius. The sounds are okay, but they're not going to blow anyone away, for that you'll need a lot more than just notation software.

As for classical questions, you can always ask here. We get classical questions occasionally and a handful of the regulars are composers. I've never really found a good composer's forum, they always seem a bit douchey.