Hey guys, I got a guy I'm talking to about an all-tube head by Traynor called the Custom Classic 100H. He's offering me this with a 4x12 Stagg cabinet (will probably get rid of it and get something a little better) for 300$. Everythings in working condition but I'm just not sure if the value is there.

I've see the head for around 800 on the internet and can't find much on the cabinet. Does anyone know if this would be a good pick up ? I play mainly metal/hard rock.

He also has a Line 6 POD Pro that he's looking to get rid of.. we have been negotiating all day, mainly because I don't have tons to sploog on extra gear but I've yet to own a tube amp so..

Any help would be appreciated !
I just got rid of one of those yesterday.
I liked the head. It really wasn't a comparison to my Mesa or anything, but for what it was, it was good. I really like the clean channel pushed. That was it's best part, to me.
Don't get me wrong, channel 1 (high-gain) will do exactly what you want, but it doesn't sound as beefy as other amps.
It has a processed sound to it. And you may like that.
I don't really know how to explain what I mean, but I'll try.
I have a friend who's owns his own studio and records some pretty big bands. (Google 456 Studios and I'm sure you'll find it if you want to listen to what I mean)
All of his guitar tracks just sound.... processed.
You can tell that he's "re-amp"-ing very nice tube amps, but it just sounds digitalized.

That was my only complaint with it. Not that it was necessarily bad, but it just wasn't for me.
Plus, I sold my cabinets about a year ago and my Traynor just sat there. If I still had all my cabs, maybe I would still have the Traynor. Who knows.
And, I don't know much of the cab, but for 300 for both, let alone the head (if it really is new) is a good deal since I got rid of my silver one for $550.
OH! Is it black or silver? The silver ones are much older, the black ones are the new(er) ones.
That is a really good deal, even just for the head. Traynor makes quality gear for awesome prices.

The cabinet, however, will likely be average at best. There is a dealer in my town here that sells stagg stuff and it is pretty dodgy, entry level gear.

I say buy it, and use that cabinet until you can afford a better one that will truly do the amp justice. You will still probably come out ahead if you can find a used marshall, orange, avatar or similar cab under about $450 or something.

Give it a go man. My only concern would be that the price is almost curiously low. Are you able to go try before you buy, just to make sure it's all decent?
i have a vague feeling I looked up the ycs schematic a while back and thought it wasn't all-tube. now, if it's cheap enough and you like the sound that doesn't matter. but if you have your heart set on something which is all-tube...
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I appreciate the replies, guys. I actually know the guy selling it, that's why the price is as low as it is, and he's pretty much trying to rush some cash into his wallet to help fund a new axe.

I honestly have never heard of this head until he mentioned it to me, and based on him saying it has a really beefy bass sound on it, and Sheaaa's response. I'm going to hold out.

I have a few amps I'm interested in and I only considered this one because of the price. I'm not in dire need so I might wait it out and find something more suited for myself.

Again thanks for all the help fellas !