I tried posting a mediafire link, but I guess it's blocked? Is there any other way I can share mp3 files easily?

regardless, the link would be

I know they're power chords, so I feel kind of silly for asking. but after the tendinitis set in, I figured I'd ask for help

0:00-0:15 is both guitars at the same time, 0:16-0:35 is one guitar, and 0:36+ is the other guitar.

I'm still new to this, so it would be awesome if someone could give me a rough explanation on how to differentiate between chords.

Thank you!
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All power chords consist of the Root and the Fifth ( and if you want, the Octave).
The lowest note will always be the Root. So say you have a power chord riff based on the E string, the note you fret on the E string is the Root of the chord.
5th fret = A power chord etc.
Didn't listen to the recording, but it's quite easy to differentiate between chords.