There's a place in my mind
neatly hustled, deep inside
a place to go, to run away
from the smothering day-to-day

But beware, for it is not
for any that are faint of heart
the abyss will reel you in
horizon drawing ever near

Are you sure, sure you can
tread upon no man's land
through the circles of my own hell
and to live with a tale to tell

What do you think you will find
what's so worth to risk your mind
never ending thoughts and dreams
never ending, never real

I retreat to the place
with a loving, sweet embrace
I can't seem to get away
where there is no night and day

But I need more and more
and I never can be sure
what is real and what's the dream
the eerie song of the within

Now you delve further down
you bow before my dark crown
Every minute, I latch more strings
Now you forget, what hope is...
heh heh heh...

Been reading these forums for a while, so I thought I might announce myself... I write a lot of my music and lyrics too that I really needed to put somewhere... so what do you think? Any opinion is welcome, as long as it's constructive.
Hay, thanks for the opinion... I guess it would be really interesting to hear Cash say the line :P

Actually, I'm writing the music for this already, and based on what I listen to, it will be something heavy, yes. If I could nab a guess, it might be something in the style of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden, but I've still written too little to give a comparison. I can say it will be closer sounding to the 80's or 70's, because that's what I listen to mostly... newer things lack the uniqueness and the oomph of older rock and metal groups, if you ask me.

And oh, checked out your song... posted there so check it out
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Oh yes, I think 80s metal sound would be perfect for this. I personally find modern metal to be a bit too distorted for my taste, but then again I don't like a lot of modern music so my opinion is a little invalid.
Yes, today it's mostly take all the most recognizable traits of a genre and pump it to the max, metal becomes so distorted it's no wonder they don't play minor/major thirds or augmented fifths anymore, it'd sound like crap, pop moved from a simple, catchy recipe to a downright "literally-anyone-can-do-this", leading to even less chord progressions and ultimately becoming bland... so yeah, I don't think your opinion is in the least invalid...