For sale, my Ibanez VBT700.

It has the white finish with black binding, original everything. Dimarzio D activator pickups, reverse shark tooth inlays, thru neck.

It is in great condition, with no damage to the horns or headstock.
A few, small scratches on the back, but nothing major, and undetectable unless you are looking hard with a glare.

Absolutely wonderful guitar, and fairly hard to come by now. My favorite V, plays incredibly well! Definitely would buy this guitar again once I have the money

Asking $400

Shipping cost will be calculated per buyer

PM me if interested, and I'd be more than happy to hook you up with this beauty!
Still got this? Interested.
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Still got this? Interested.

Yes I do! ill message you shortly
ACluk Hi!, i have an amazon account with some money charged by giftcard, do you think it could be a way you put this guitar on amazon? Then i can buy it