Is there any website where you can catalogue music CDs that you own? In example, you would make a profile and tick all the albums that you have, so you can later sort it in a clear, neat list like 'show all blues records' or 'show all records by XXX'.

I'm desperate to find this so I don't have to dig in my mind wondering if I already bought this one while browsing eBay.

Many thanks for suggestions
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That sounded like a good idea (I've never tried it before), but I've tried now and I'd have to insert every CD one by one and then wait until it's copied to my hard drive. Might as well download them and stick to Winamp... Until there is some other way which I don't know about

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This is why Microsoft Access exists.

Well, yes. But I'd have to learn how to use it (never heard of it) and waste way more time writing all the stuff down. That's why I'm looking for some sort of a nice website (or soft) to help me out there.

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Can you provide a link? There's a lot of different stuff when I type it in Google and I'm not sure which one do you mean.

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Isn't this a feature found in most media players?

As I've said I've got all my music on CDs (in two different houses), not on my PC.

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There is loads of software already available for that

Care to name a few? Would be great if they were free.

Thanks for suggestions so far, but I'm still looking for help ;]
Discogs.com is what you're looking for.

i used to use it to catalogue my vinyls, but haven't been using it since i owe them a few cent fee for selling a record in their marketplace.