Whats up guys im here with a new song which i already recorded but i will be gratefull for any opinions....Its somekind extreme avant-garde or something black metal i always or most of the time do so i hope you like it....here is the link to the recorded version too

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I give up playing instruments.

This guy is too good at extreme metal.

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I give up playing instruments.

This guy is too good at extreme metal.

Basically that.

One suggestion, though: The part at bar 25 makes the twisted charcoal of my soul cry out for a sort of acoustic-style arrangement; you know, let the notes ring out. Kind of like this:

It would add some variety to the heavy half. But that's just what I think would sound cool.
It actualy sounds cool but its a bit like a solo and i dont use them in my songs cause i like black metal without those stuff...also the riff repeats 2 times only if i made it longer i would probably use something like that to add variation.Thanks for the idea i can use it in my next song.Have you listened to the recorded version?
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Thanks...im still working on how to record bass since i dont have any..than my music will be complete (evil doctor Frankenstein laugh inserted here)
Wow, just... WOW! :O

First of all, sounds sick! Second, you're a monster on a guitar. I don't even... I went through the GP version first thinking, "No one will be able to play that" and then hearing the recording... I think I just gave up playing guitar :p

But when that is said... Normally I don't give much for black metal, it's just not my type of music but this does sound extremely good. This very chaotic feeling I get from it pleases my ears and my blackened soul of insanity... Or something in that way xD

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I finished rerecording this song.Its goig to be alot better mix than this and its gonna have vocals pretty soon