This bloke wants to trade me this

[forbidden link]

for my Ibanez Artcore AF75TDG Semi-Acoustic Ivory with Hard shell Case

This is all he said in the ad "Hey lookin to part with my 12 string picked it up a few years ago but don't really play it. Reading online it says this model is valued 1500-2000$ but I'm willing to take less (750$)or trade for lesser value (laptop, electronics, etc) Needs new strings and bridge reglued."

It looks nice but I'm having trouble finding anything about it online... basically, would I be screwing myself over by making the trade xD
i wouldn't do it. he can say anything he wants, but ibanez is a known brand you can sell easily. his guitar hasn't been played, so no way to know what condition it's in, or whether he's taken care of it, and you know it needs bridge reglued. i see that magnum opus are handmade guitars, but this isn't one of those. judging only by your pics, i'd say this is more likely to be the case

i'm seeing this brand on cheap for sale sites for $350ish. what confuses it is that you may run across the martin marquis (this isn't it) and the electric magnus guitars when you search.
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...[ ]..... Needs new strings and bridge reglued."....[ ]....
The string job isn't as problem. Ten bucks will buy you a set of D'Addario 12 string lights for it. Well those, and about double the time to invest in restringing it, as opposed to a comparable 6 string.

The bridge issue is however, major. Twelve strings that spend their lives in standard E-E tuning, very often exhibit this issue. If the air they were in is a little dry, the sound board may start to cave in front of the bridge as well.

The average player probably wouldn't want a twelve as their only guitar anyway. This first thing most people is complain about their native brightness, and it's also like having dessert for the main course all the time, due to the richness of the harmonic content.

Personally, I wouldn't own a twelve that can't be plugged in and EQ'd, especially if it's going to be played solo.

People here will tell you not to but a 12 string much below about $600.00. But I say, if it's for a lark, you can find twelves around $400.00 that would be worth looking at. (IE, Fender's new "Tim Armstrong 12 string" which comes in at that price point.

Personally, I would be very skeptical of any used 12 string, and I'm going to have the ones I bought new, buried with me!

BTW, the 12 string in your picture appears to have a ripoff Martin headstock. It's likely been made with the top corners buggered in, to prevent a lawsuit....
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