I'm wondering if it's possible to control a Peavey Ultra Plus's channel switching with a MIDI foot controller. It has a 7 pin DIN connector for controlling reverb, and switching the 3 channels. I plan on getting a MFX processor and want to be able to control presets on the fly, including the channel switching on the amp.

I have no clue how it would work with the 7 pin DIN cable, so if anyone could let me know how I could go about this, that would be great.
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What you would need is a MIDI controller/device with relay outputs. You would then need to wire up a 7 pin DIN cable with the other end having the connectors that the controller has. That din plug on the Ultra is not a MIDI input.
You could use a gizmo. They make custom cables for different amps to go with their device. Not sure if the Ultra is one they support though, you'd have to look it up.
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