I have a Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt Amp. A month or two ago I tripped over my input cable which didn't unplug from the amp and fell thus breaking the tip of the cable and leaving it inside the amp. I've fixed a couple of amps before, so I took out the effects box and the little input box has 3 little panels that hold the cable in place when plugged in and also read the sound; making the sound. I barely lifted those panels up and out came the input cable tip. So I pressed the panels back down, put together the amp and it worked. But 2 days later, it stopped working. So I took it apart again, and the panels are lifted back up and not touching the sound-part-thingy which it needs to be doing to make the sound. And I can't get them to go back down. I'm sure some of you guys here have had this problem too with the same amp so I need to know what you guys did to fix it. Or I could take it to Straight Music or Guitar Center to see if they can fix it.

id just burn it and buy a better amp.
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You have a picture?
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