This is my first attempt on covering Cacophony's song Concerto...it took around 2 weeks to completely play it effortlessly....one of the toughest song I've played

btw, sorry for the ****ed up backing track...i got that from the internet

C4C as always

Wow dude, I have nothing bad to say. You can tell you took your time to learn this song which really shows.
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I like how you seemed to loosen up a bit as it went on until it really did look effortless. lol

If this took you only a couple of weeks, man, I'm definitely impressed! Very well done!
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Thanks for looking at mine. Sorry I took a while to respond, didnt think anyone else would see it.

As for effects I used? Delay,Reverb,chorus, compression on first song(mirrors), not necessarily in that order but some were off for the lead and rhythm respectively. For second song(obfuscation), distortion, compression(leads), reverb,delay,noise gate(leads), octave. Not to mention mild amounts of EQ post recording.

Now to your video.

Your playing was awesome through out the whole video! I cant really complain about anything in that aspect. Awesome Marty style bends. Really nailed them. Great arpeggios, they sound clean.

The tone though, could use alot of work. I know you said you got the backing track from the net. I know it would take a bit longer but, why not record/render(samples) the backing track yourself? The lead tone was a bit thin and tinny and the backing tracks were kind of muddy(again i know its from the net).

All in all great playing! Just work on that tone!
Damn man! I've never heard the original, so i can't really judge off of that. But everything sounded concise and in time.
I wish I could shred like that.
That's a sick looking guitar too!
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As someone already said, it seemed to get better as it went on. Not saying it was bad at the start or anything, the whole thing was great, but there were a couple of minor mistakes towards the beginning.

Very impressive, you clearly took some time over this. Subscribed
Killer chops man. I can't shred like that at all very methodical too, as others mentioned it's clear you put a lot of time into it. Not sure im a huge fan of your tone, too much treble and sounds to mid-scooped. Job well done though!
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Killer chops man. I can't shred like that at all very methodical too, as others mentioned it's clear you put a lot of time into it. Not sure im a huge fan of your tone, too much treble and sounds to mid-scooped. Job well done though!

thanks for the kind reply ....and yes i agree with that whole tone thingy, I'm still lazy at this moment to play with my digitech RP1000....i use random preset when i record that video
Really good playing man. Great technique. As others mentioned the tone could use a bit of work but the playing was great. Your guitar is very sexy too
I must admit i really did not like this song though. Never heard it before, but i can't see myself ever listening to it again :c
Heh, not sure why you need my critique on this, this is pretty much perfect in terms of playing. Sounded absolutely spot on despite a lackluster tone. See what you can do to improve your tone and your videos will really shine once you get a tone that sounds professional. Other than that, there's really nothing I could take away from that performance that was negative haha, great job.
Type as I listen:

Before I listen, well done getting this done in two weeks, JB is tough to play!

Nice guitar

Nice opening arpeggios, especially the ones in the beginning.

Nailed the melody!

Some of the arpeggios sound a little diff, but I like what you did with it regardless.

2:44-2:46, sounds awesome

This backing track is rough, you werent kidding.

Overall, amazing attempt. This is a freaking hard song, but definitely keep playing it to tighten it up on some of the parts!

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