I'm fairly new to wiring up Electric guitars, so I have come here in search of expertise, hopefully someone will have the knowledge on how to do this basic thing that I struggle with. I've only ever wired single coils and that was through trial and error.

I want to put 2 mini humbuckers and one regular humbucker into a strat. all the pickups are dimarzio. I bought them thinking I'd possibly be able to follow a diagram but I can't seem to find one, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

Can anyone help me? The pickups are these

2 x DiMarzio® The Cruiser® Bridge
DiMarzio® AT-1™

I have also bought 500k pots for humbuckers to replace the ones on the strat, just need some guidance how to wire it up.

If there is anyone willing to help me out I would be extremely grateful!

Cheers guys!
Check the Seymour Duncan website for a diagram, just make sure you know which cable color corresponds to each of the ones in the diagram, as they may be different.
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ok I'll check it out, one question which may be a silly one... Is a mini humbucker the same as a humbucker when it comes to wiring?
Here is the schematic for a strat with 3 humbuckers (doesn't matter that it shows 3 mini humbuckers)


Here's the colour code conversion


I've never used your pickups but it looks like where you see black in the strat diagram you use red instead, where you see white you use black, and where you see red you use white, and green is the same.

Also ignore that is has 250k pots in the diagram and use the 500k ones that you have got.

If you need more help, try in Gear Building and Customising.
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