Hello all. I took back the f335 and got the fg700.i did not like the sound of the f335 .
What kind of finger fretboard exercise should I do.right now iam doing a finger on each fret each string what else can I do to make my fingers strong.
Play songs!

I don't think there's any point running spiders or chromatic exercise that you're never going to use in a musical situation- unless you really like songs that sound like warm up exercises...

By learning songs you're teaching your hands useable shapes and working on muscle memory. Having said that, hammer ons will also help with getting more power/accuracy in your fingers. Hope that helps you out?
I agree with the above, and when it comes to improvisarion or composition of your own solos you just practice by doing variations of all the amazing patterns and licks you learned from the great guitarrists, all over a given scale.