Since I'm about to splash 2 grand on a guitar I figure I should do a little research on the finish.

My question is: Do you know if the Suhr Modern Frost finishes wear easily (turn glossy)...? It's a great looking finish but I don't want to buy one if it will look terrible after a year or so.

Also would it pick up a lot of dings and scratches? (My last guitar had a satin finish and that seemed to self harm)

Any help appreciated,

I can't speak for Suhr's finishes (the one you're talking about is a polyester, I believe), but virtually every "satin" finish I've seen develops slightly glossier areas. I think it just comes with the finish and, as you say, it can seem to do it almost by itself.

If I've got my druthers, it will be a gloss finish every time. I really like what things like tung oil and linseed oil (tru-oil) do for the look of the wood, but those are absolutely the worst finish for long-term playing or gigging; they're really only for well-cared-for closet queens.

Satin and flat finishes are the current fashion, I realize, in both cars and guitars, but I think it's going to go the way of fins and the vinyl roof and red-stripe sidewalls.