I've been contemplating this for a while. Is it worth doing? I've been playing guitar and singing for about 4 years now, no one has ever heard me though. I play saxophone primarily, so it was just something to keep me occupied when it was too late to practice my saxophone. I want to start focusing more on my sax playing and have been cutting things out of my daily routine to do so, and was wondering if this should go into the mix.

Am I good enough to listen to or should I just give it up? I wanted to maybe start gigging, but if I'm only going to get laughed out of the place why bother. At least the people on the internet can only laugh from the comfort of their own home than at me directly. Please give feedback and critique. I don't want anything sugar coated. Thanks in advance. This is me doing a cover of me doing Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson. I know it isn't the hardest song, and it isn't the best recording, but i felt it fit my voice (if there is such a thing). Thanks in advance.