So, as you can see from the title, We are In Recognition from Birmingham, Ohio. If you visit our Facebook page from the link below, you can listen to our first song which we released on August 1st, titled Divide. Be sure to download it for FREE from our BandCamp profile!

This particular song, I would say, has a metalcore vibe going on. Very simple structure, bits of melody, all growls/screams (gang vocals aside), etc. Being our first song, we will have a bit more to offer down the road. I'm sure we will incorporate more altered/unique structuring, some clean vocals/instrumentation, more complex instrumentation, etc.

A bit about us: I (Dale) and Frank (Vocals/Bass) were in a band for a year from the Autumn of 2010 until December of 2011. After we dissolved, Frank went on with Spenser (Drums) to form a new band, In Recognition. Shortly after playing a show in March of 2012, Spenser and Erik (Guitar) left. After about a year of little to no activity, Frank and Brandon (Guitar) got together with I (Dale, Guitar) and Mitch (Drums) near the beginning of May 2013 to form the new In Recognition.

Thanks ahead for all constructive feedback, we need more of it!

Frank DesRochers-Vocals/Bass
Dale Lapp-Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Mitch Rice-Drums/Percussion/Back-up Vocals
Brandon Balzer-Guitar

Artwork: Dale Lapp
Recording/Mixing: Mitch Rice

Contact: inrecognition1@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InRecognition421

Twitter: @InRecognition1
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