I'm considering getting either a mark V head or a dual rectifier and I'm trying to get some more opinions on the matter.

Aside from price, there isn't much difference to me and I'm hoping someone else might be able to sway my decision one way or another.

I play metal mostly, but I also like hardcore and punk.

My favourite bands are those like BTBAM and I want a versatile amp that can provide a good sound for all of the different styles they blend together.

Any opinions are welcome.

I also have a 7 string so I want something that will give some clarity to the lowest string, which I tune down to A or G
For that, I'd say the Dual Rec. It does the heavier stuff a little better.

Does it absolutely have to be one of these two? There's heeeaaaps of other options in that price range.
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Mate, I live in the middle of no where and I want to go for something that is easy to get and I know my local music shop has both of these in stock. I am open to other suggestions as long as it is something relatively common and easy to get. Thanks for the dual rec support though
It would seem that the Dual Rec would be better suited to your needs.

I note that you state you live in the middle of nowhere... Is the music shop you mention within reasonable distance for you to get there with your guitar and actually play through the amps?
Just a thought as I am generally reluctant to buy anything I haven't tried first hand. Unless the price is extremely low and know it's genuine...
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Yeah man I can get there easily. I've played both and I like both, but I just wanted to get some other opinions just in case there is something I haven't considered. Admittedly I didn't try any others at the time, but I am open to suggestions
A Mark V is going to offer a lot more versatility if you are looking for a nice palette of tone. Which Dual Rec are you considering? Roadster? Road King?
Quote by cdr_salamander
A Mark V is going to offer a lot more versatility if you are looking for a nice palette of tone. Which Dual Rec are you considering? Roadster? Road King?


also don't forget the Trem-o-verb (best dual recto model ever IMO)
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If you don't notice much difference between them, maybe you should wait and get a better idea of what you want before you spend such a large amount of money on one. They are very different beasts.

But out of the two, Dual Rec would be the way to go for BtBaM. They used them before switching to Fractal. A Road King, Roadster, or Tremoverb would be better choices though, in that order.
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I don't know how you could even compare the models. Recs are extremely different than a mark. If you can not see what the difference is, don't buy an amp atm.
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