on sound cloud i recorded a clip of my singing because i wanna know if i can sing good or not and if its not good i wanna know why and how i can improve ive been trying to learn myself to sing for song long i really wanna know what others think about my singing. ive got to the point where ive read the whole of singing for dummies and search through Google also watched tutorials and have done all the exercises ive heard of but i feel that know i wont be able to improve anymore but i need to because i think my singing is very crap and i just want it to be good or at least decent or average

https://soundcloud.com/charwilko100/titanium - if you search this link it will take you to my sound cloud page with my clip called titanium and it shows me singing the first verse and chorus of the song

sorry if my voice is too quiet i really don't like singing in front of people not even my family also sorry if you hear the TV in the background

i would really appreciate if someone/people can listen to my clip and tell me honestly if im good or not and how i can improve it will mean alot .... thanks
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That stream is just a generic page for whoever is logged in.
You need to click on the actual song title and put that link in your post.
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